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The Buro for Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch, RSA (BMI) started to market the Hysucat Principle after several model test series had shown that more than 40% resistance reductions are possible when a hydrofoil system is fitted to the catamaran. The 5,6m BMI-Hysucat was sponsored by the BMI to prove that practical and well functioning Hysucats can be produced with considerably improved sea keeping.

Fully asymmetrical demi-hulls with a standard Hysucat foil system as shown in the Fig. 1a were designed by Prof. Hoppe and the first prototype was produced by Toncup Yachts in Cape Town. The ship was launched in July 1982 and sea trailed over a period of one full year in various weather and sea states from dead calm to extremely rough seas. The craft reached 26 knots with the two 35 hp Johnson Outboard engines and 32 knots later with experimental 40 hp Suzuki Outboards. It showed up with excellent handling and see keeping characteristics not observed in such small sea going craft before. This "manned model" impressed two boat builders (in Cape Town and in Springs near Johannesburg) that they produced 40 craft in 1.5 years and started the practical Hysucat production and design of larger craft. This was the first Hysucat ever!!

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