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The Innovation displaces fully laden 41,5 t. The propulsion system consists of two MTU 12 183 TE 93 Diesel engines producing 846 kW (1150hp) @2400 rpm each and twin KaMeWa Waterjets FF550.

A Hysucat foil system was designed by FASTcc and built by the Cape Town foil builder and supplied by Hydrospeed. The installation was performed by the building shipyard in Australia.

The foil system consists of a large mainfoil spanning the tunnel width forward of the LCG position and two trim strut foils near the transoms. The foil systems is auto-trimming the craft at all speeds due to the foils operating in the so called hydrofoil surface effect mode. An efficient trim angle of the craft at speed is maintained without the need for foil angle adjustments (see attached photo series!)

Orginally twin KaMeWa A40 Waterjets were fitted and a top speed of about 40 knots was measured. However the fully loaded ship later became considerably heavier and at 40 t the ship had problems to get to the fully planing stage. To improve thrust in the mid speed range (15 to 20 knots!) the Innovation was upgraded with twin KaMeWa FF550 waterjets. The Diesel engines were left as before.

In recent trials the Innovation topped 38 knots at a full load of about 40t. The attached photo series shows these conditions at various speeds. The problem encountered earlier with surpassing the hump-resistance speed range was solved by use of the larger waterjets.

The top speed corresponds to a Froude-Displacement Number FnD = 3,38 and the power ratio ep = 0,221 which indicates a highly efficient high speed hull (see performance comparison in attached publications!)

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