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Stealth Yacht 540 – 1
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The Stealth Yacht 540 – 1 was launched in December 2006. This Hysucat luxury yacht was built by Stealth Yachts (Pty) Ltd. in Cape Town. The original hull design of a 50’ prototype was done by Dr. Hoppe at FASTcc for Tallie Marine in St. Helena Bay. The ship design included hull shape, general cabin arrangement, weight estimation and distribution, hydrodynamic calculations and propulsion requirements all for the foil assisted fully asymmetrical catamaran. A plug and mould were built and later taken over by Stealth Yachts (Pty) Ltd who “jumbodized” the hull, increasing width of demi-hulls and length for increased living space which also increased total weight and power requirements. The ship has a length overall now of 54’ (16,46m) and beam overall of 5,45m. Full load displacement was estimated to be 20t, but finally ended up with 21t. Propulsion is by MAN twin high speed Diesel engines of 800 hp at 2350rpm each driving Q-Speed Surface Propeller systems. In the initial trials off Cape Town harbour a top speed of 46 knots was recorded inspite of very rough and choppy sea conditions. In flat water later 47,3 knots were reached with still reserves of about 8% in the top rpm’s. The contracted speed of 45 knots was well improved on. Further improvements are expected once the propellers are trimmed for optimal performance. See the photos of the Stealth 540 – 1 in the initial trials. Further details will later be available through the webpage
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