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StealthCat 42'
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With an overall hull length of 11.95m and width of 4.10m the Stealth Cat 42' displaces 10.8 t fully laden.
Propulsion is by twin Yanmar Diesels 6LY2M-STZE, 420 hp each and Teignbridge high speed propellers on inclided shafts.
Topspeed achieved is 38 knots and cruising speed 35 knots.
Type of craft : Open Sea Game Fish Version

The 12m Stealth Yacht No. 2 on trials off Gordon's Bay, South Africa. The ship is equipped with a Seafury Surface Propeller Drive propelled by twin Yanmar Diesel engines GLY2M-STZE producing 308 kW each. With an all up displacement of 10.8t the Stealth Yacht achived 44 knots topspeed on relatively calm waters. The luxury yacht was built on the recent ship design by FASTcc in collaboration with Malan Conradie of Stealth Yacht on styling and detail design for the USA Markets and features a FASTcc-Hysucat type hull by Prof. Hoppe with a S.P. Propulsion system with luxurious internal styling. The ship was launched on the 26 May 2003 and is now with Whitehall Marine in Ventura / California USA.

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