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Stealth Yacht 540 1
Virginia Pilot Boat by Kvickac Marine Industries
Response Boat - Medium for US Coast Guard
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BMI Hysucat
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The Hysucat has fully asymmetrical demi-hulls with a wide and deep tunnel allowing nearly undisturbed flow over the two hydrofoils of which the second one near the transom is adjustable via an oil hydraulic cylinder.

This allows the helmsman to adjust the craft's trim to best performance and softest sea keeping, usually a lower craft trim is selected running into headwaves and a larger trim in following seas to prevent bow steering.

The "Swift" has an overall hull length of 13.716 m (45') and an overall beam of 5.791 m (19'), full load displacement is 22.1 t. With two Catapillars C18 Diesel engines of 715 HP at 2100 RPM and the twin disk gears 5114SC with a ratio of 1.12 to 1, driving Hamilton HJ403 water jets, the top speed is reported to be 37 / 38 knots. The foil system was build and delivered by Hydrofoil Manufacturers of SA at the end of 2004 and trial were conducted in the beginning of 2005.

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