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The German Luxury Yacht, Ultimaratio, was built by the Henze Werft GmbH in Bremerhafen / Germany in 1991/1992.

The hull lines were developed by Dr. Hoppe on the basis of the typical Hysucat hulls with fully asymmetrical demi-hulls and a so called canard hydrofoil system which has the mainfoil rearwards of the LCG position and two strut hydrofoils forward behind the bow keel roundings.

The craft was developed in collaboration with Hysucat Engineering Germany and Dr. Versen, the owner. The internal design was done by well known Frau Dipl. Ing. Gisela Miescke and the external styling design by Jorg Beiderbeck of the Luerssen Ship Yard in Bremen, Germany. The styling was adopted for operation in the Mediterranean Sea.

Maximum length is 19.30m, CWL-length is 15.50m and the maximum beam is 6.00m.

Full displacement was 28t which is extremely light and only possible due to the special sandwich hull material of Nomex-Waben (kevlar honeycomb!) with R-Glas and Carbon-Prepregs by the company Fibretec. The propulsion is by twin MAN Diesels with 2 x 500 kW / 2300 rpm and directly driven Hamilton waterjets HJ362 with flexi couplings.

The Ultimaratio reached 37/38 knots during initial trial runs and partly loaded on the record run for yachts from London to Monte Carlo a max. speed of 42 knots. The poweratio, ep, is 0.21 at a Froude Displacement number of FnD=3.5 in the initial tests. In the later years the yacht picked up considerable extra weight and the performnce dropped correspondingly.

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