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Please read the publications that are listed below. Downloading might take some time.

General Remarks : The Following publication gives a summary of the research and development work around the building and testing of the first ever Hysucat on the sea, the 5.6m BMI Hysucat, see Photo Gallery Nr.1.
Several requests for this publication which is referenced in follow-up publication has been recieved by FASTcc and as it seems not to be available at the University of Stellenbosch, S.A. any longer.
FASTcc has transformed this publication into a suitable electronic format and presents it under the first publication.
  1. The Hysucat Development
  2. Recent Applications of Hydrofoil-Supported-Catamarans by Prof. K.G.W. Hoppe
  3. The Development of a Hydrofoil-Supported-Rigid-Inflatable Boat by Prof. K.G.W. Hoppe
  4. Performance Evaluation of High Speed Surface Craft with Reference to Hysucat Development
  5. Optimisation of Hydrofoil-Supported-Planning Catamarans
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